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Business Coaching

Let's-Live Business Coaching

Where Being and Doing Becomes One.

Let's-Live Business Coaching programs was formed with the sole purpose to empowering individuals and to guide organizations to prosperity.

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We uplift, enthuse, and inspire individuals and groups to tap into their own personal greatness, and guide them along a sustainable path toward achieving life-affirming change. Through a dynamic blend of proven psychological mastery and high-energy interactive techniques, our certified Business and Life Coaches build inspirational relationships between employees and manifest lasting change in businesses.

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The Let's-Live Business Coaching programs improves productivity, encourages accountability and provides on-going one-on-one support in character development.

This means that a long-term partnership with a Let's-Live Business and Life Coach will ensure your workforce continues to add more value, and smash the barriers holding them back from 100% efficiency at work and at home.


We offer a wide range of exhilarating courses and the globally renowned business coaching programs are geared towards turbo boosting productivity, nurturing leadership skills, personality development and manifesting tangible results for individuals and companies ready to rise to the challenge of life in the 22nd century and beyond.

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Our professional Business Coaches help top executives all over the world get more organized, and achieve more success faster than they can ever hope to create on their own

Through our scientifically proven methods we offer fun, exciting and truly unforgettable experiences that put the buzz back into those bodies and teach your team how to think deeper, reach further, do more, and bridge differences quicker.

Corporate Companies that currently benefit from Let's-Live Business Coaching Programs include:

A successful company's greatest asset is its workforce.

Businesses need to attract the right talent, nurture their personal strengths and encourage their achievements because a happy and focused workforce means a healthy and growing bottom-line.

Our fail-safe scientific approach and proven psychological methodology will take your workforce to heights never dreamt of.

Business coaching helps to translate knowledge into ideas and intentions into reality.

Just imagine what a close knit force of tuned up, plugged in and turned on leaders can mean for the future of your company.
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Let's Live Contact Details:

Name: Francois Janse van Rensburg

Job Title: Executive Master Coach Trainer

Email Address:

Contact Details: Mobile: 076 033 4191 / Tel: (012) 665 1769


Name: Monique Lingerfelder

Job Title: Personal Assistant for Francois Janse van Rensburg

Email Address:

Contact Details: Tel: (012) 665 1769 ) (012) 683 8836


Name: Chantel Scheepers

Job Title: Office Manager

Email Address:

Contact Details: Mobile: 076 033 4191 / Tel: (012) 665 1769


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Francois Janse van Rensburg Let's-Live Master Coach South Africa
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