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Training - Life Coaching FAQ's

Life Coaching F.A.Q's

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Life Coaching is a profession that enables practitioners to transform the life of their clients by helping them discover and develop their potential. It involves thorough Self-Discovery, improved self-awareness and increased self-confidence, which are required to bring a positive change in a person.

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Counselling typically works best in the case of emotional trauma or unsettling changes. When the inner self is damaged due to unfavourable circumstances, a counsellor can help the person heal and move on.

Life Coaching, on the other hand is not limited to severe trauma or changes. It is possible that people leading an otherwise calm and settled life may seek ways to further improve themselves, strengthen their relationships or develop additional skills/talents to stay relevant in their jobs.

Counselling is a purely scientific approach, which helps when a person knows the feeling/problem but needs assistance in dealing with it. Life Coaching, on the other hand is a scientific-spiritual approach.

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Psychology, though similar to Life Coaching in terms of the end result both aim to achieve, differs significantly in its approach. The "psychology approach" to addressing overarching issues of life deals with the application of clinically prescribed methods.

Clinical psychology primarily aims to reconcile people with their past, which include hurtful emotions, deep-seated fears and past emotional struggles. It intents to heal the persona of people. Life Coaching, on the other hand is more focused on addressing the future, like developing new skills/talents, developing the self to achieve future goals and so on.

While both approaches aim to put you at ease, balance your life and make you happier in general, their techniques are remarkably different. Psychology is structured, regulated and organized. Life Coaching is flexible, ever-evolving and more comprehensive. There are no fixed set of symptoms, diagnostics and treatments in Life Coaching.


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Professional Life Coaching can be the career path for passionate individuals who want to help others find their true potential. If you are one of those compassionate souls who wish they could go beyond solving a couple of problems of a friend/kin or neighbour – become a Life Coach!

Life Coaching is more comprehensive than counselling or clinical psychology and offers a very rewarding career path. Professional Life Coaches are sought after not only by those who are unhappy with the stagnation/failure or loss of direction in their life, but also by perfectly happy individuals who want to do/become even better. Life Coaches are as sought after by seniors looking for spiritual fulfilment as they are by teens and young adults who want to learn the basics of time management, goal making and choosing a career path.

Further, people who are already successful – top executives, CEOs, presidents and bureaucrats seek a mentor to keep their motivation and drive for success alive. In the workplace, they motivate employees under them and use mentoring from professional coaches for their own motivation.

Life Coaching is one of those services that are as fulfilling and satisfying for the giver as for the receiver. Let's-Live Coaching provides Life Coaching training courses that are unique to it in all of SA and are also recognized by international industry-regulators like the Global Federation for Spiritual Mentors and Coaching Professionals.

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Let's-Live Coaching has pioneered the use of constructive techniques like human behaviour modification, NLP and hypnosis in the South African life-coaching industry. Our commitment to help you conquer all your challenges and emerge victorious reflects in the quality of service we provide. We enjoy a referral rate of 98 percent and would like to extend our gratitude to the whole Let's-Live Coaching family – our trained and certified Life Coaches, previous clients who have been referring prospects and you – who visit/contact us to learn more about our services. This is what keeps us going.

The seven years of experience that we boast of in corporate coaching reflects itself in our diverse range of corporate clients. Some of our well-known corporate clients include – BASF, Old Mutual, Radio Impact, Netcare Femina Hospital, Helderwyk Curro School, Buena Vista Social Cafe and God TV.

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People also choose us because our passionate coaches, comprehensive as well as updated coaching and motivational fields and adhere to the codes of ethical conduct as set out by by COMENSA - Coaches and Mentors of South Africa i.e. ITA - International Training Academy of NLP i.e. ICR - International Coaching Register i.e. GSAC - Global Standards of NLP Accreditations and Certifications

Contact us to learn more or book a service and encounter the exceptional Life Coaching experience, that is Let's-Live Coaching for yourself.

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